Male dating psychology

28-Mar-2016 05:21

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It is frequently assumed that men think more logically than women, and there is some truth in this, but it is more common for men to think in a primal way.

"I think having a lack of diversity limited the learning in some areas." Psychology, once a man's profession, now attracts mostly women.

When it comes to relationships, one of the biggest problems for some men is entering into one.

When dating a woman who begins to display signs that she wants a commitment, some men get nervous and want to leave.

Most dating websites are engines of algorithmic-powered rationality. ); to fill out various personality and psychometric profiles; and generally to ruminate a great deal about your path to a fulfilling relationship.

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For example, they require you to describe yourself in words (your characteristics and interests, loves and hates); to sum up the attributes of the sort of person you’d like to be with (fun-loving? The psychologists Keith Stanovich and Richard West (and, more recently, Daniel Kahneman in his book ) call this kind of approach to problem-solving “system 2”.

Why do some men who are deeply in love with their girlfriends cheat on them?

Researchers from UCLA and Montreal's Concordia University collected data from 280 (mostly young) men on the average number of hours per week they spent watching pornography (answers ranged from zero to 25); their sex drives more generally; whether they were in a monogamous relationship (123 were); and their erectile functioning.… continue reading »

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