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Wolf was born as Carl Abou Samah in Beirut, Lebanon.He moved on with his family to Dubai, UAE when he was three-years-old due to the civil war in Lebanon. In an interview with Shave Magazine, Karl explained that in Arabic, his family name (Abou Samah) means 'father of forgiveness'. But, if it's further than new, get her a bracelet or a necklace. Gaspar [Gaspar Noé] is constantly watching films and sending me titles.

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It is now his time to take centre-stage, and he seizes his moment with true authority.

Page 1 2 SM: Growing up, who was your inspiration for your music? But the way that me and my family would get together, instead of having family dinner or whatever, we would play music. Thats where your personality gets messed up because it is still being shaped.

I mean, obviously there are people like Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Shaday and people like that whom I have grown up listening to. When I was like ten we had 3 or 4 guitars, drum sets, piano. How have you changed since achieving mainstream success? I used to have a lot of friends but now, real friends, I have like one - and maybe, of course, the boys that I travel with. If you dont nurture a relationship, it withers away. The good thing, I think, is that when I started getting popular I was older; I wasnt one of those teen stars. SM: It must be hard having relationships when you are always on the go.

After 9 years with EMI Music, in March 2010 he signed a new recording contract in the United States with Universal Republic.

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When Karl Wolf describes the six months since the release of his solo debut, Face Behind The Face, as "just insane," he means it in a good way.

Wolf wrote and produced all the songs on Face Behind The Face, and played virtually all the instruments himself.