Gmail on phone not updating

08-Feb-2017 05:24

This file is placed under root at /mnt/sdcard/000001etc.

I've had something of a delay that I've noticed the past couple of days. " I check my outbox, sure enough my email is sitting there marked "sending..." So annoying!

For example, I have a work Google Apps account, a personal Gmail account, and a separate personal Gmail account (reserved for beta signups, receipts, Craigslist sales, and other junk where I don’t want to give out my personal email).

Each of these accounts has its own corresponding Google Contacts list.

Two things to check given GMail is already set to sync.

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Colag garil ful xx

If you have android phone and you have sync contacts turned on, your contacts are normally synced to your Google or Gmail account.It means that contact should be in your Gmail account.But if you go to Gmail account and select Contacts, You don’t see any or some contacts under My Contacts.We’re working on some new features for the Full Contact address book app that will make the process of syncing your contacts with an i Phone much, much easier.

In the meantime, we’ve written up a quick guide to help you get things set up right.We hear from a lot of folks who have trouble syncing their i Phone Contacts with their Google Contacts.